Why the world today needs Anthroposophical Medicine, with Dr Christopher Nicolaou

As we explore the paradigms of conventional and anthroposophical medicine, Dr Nicolaou shares his experience (from studying and working in 4 countries) of the impact COVID and the world’s response to it, has had not only on the practice of medicine, but also on us humans in general. 

It sparks a great need for us to be the light in the world, and on the important role Anthroposophical Medicine will play going forward.




About Dr Christopher Nicolaou

Dr. Christopher Nicolaou

Christopher attended Michael Mount Waldorf School (South Africa), for 12 years before studying a B.Mus at the University or Pretoria and an MBBS at St George’s, University of London. Christopher has always been keenly interested in Anthroposophy and the works of Rudolf Steiner, a love which was kindled through Waldorf education. Christopher wishes to one day use Anthroposophy and Anthroposophical medicine to directly affect and change his patients’ lives and impart as much of the teachings of Anthroposophy to the world in a practical, relatable and accessible way. 

If anyone wishes to contact him for medical consultations or to talk about Anthroposophy or anything in particular you can use Xristophoros.Nicolaou@gmail.com or +44 7988 156067 (WhatsApp). 

For more info on Anthroposophical Medicine, see the Medical Section at the Goetheanum here.

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