Aspects of Michael’s Present Rulership

Some thoughts written by Helen Katsikas from the group studying the Rudolf Steiner book: “The Archangel Michael”:

He is the bringer of Sun-Forces, the spiritual forces of the Sun. During waking consciousness human beings receive these Sun-Forces into their physical and etheric bodies.

We have to ask – what kind of forces or impulses are these Cosmic Sun-Forces? Michael is essentially a Sun Spirit, therefore, it is his task in this epoch to bring about a deeper, more esoteric understanding of the truths of Christianity. Christ came from the Sun – Christ, as Sun-Being, dwelt on the earth in the body of Jesus of Nazareth and has since lived with human beings in supersensible communion.

Before this sublime Mystery connected with the Christ can reveal itself to the human soul, humanity must be sufficiently mature to be able to understand it. This necessary maturity – this deepening of our understanding has, to a great extent, to be achieved during this present Michael Age.

Whenever Sun-Forces work into the earth, they are always connected with an inpouring wave of intellectuality. In the sphere of existence, everything that human beings and the world in general possess, in the way of intellectuality, derives from the Sun. The Sun is the source of intellectual life that works in the service of the Spirit.

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