Exploring Biodynamic Farming, with Thomas Linders

Thomas describes how we are all in agriculture, and how the current industrial style of agri-culture is negatively affecting our soil, food and health. He believes we can transition to a regenerative and biodynamic style of agri-culture, with it’s many benefits. He was invited to the Johannesburg group of the Anthroposophical Society, to give a talk exploring biodynamic farming, and shared how Waaipoort Farm is developing a model for rural regeneration. This podcast is a recording of the presentation he gave.




About Thomas Linders

Thomas Linders

Thomas has a diploma in Curative Education (Switzerland) and has worked with Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture all his life, since 1981 in a teaching/tutoring capacity as well. He has two Permaculture Design Certificates and has used and taught Permaculture since 1997. Through his experience with numerous Household Food Security Programs, small-scale agriculture training programs with government and NGO’s as well as consultations to private individuals, farms and companies in sustainable ‘green’ practices, he has the expertise and drive to help develop best practice models that will teach and pass on this wealth of knowledge and practical experience. Thomas has a deep love for nature – water and the rehabilitation and enlivening of polluted waters are his passion. He was recognized by the International Secretariat for Water (ISW), Montreal (Canada) as one of The Water Sages – an international expert in this field. Throughout his work Thomas recognizes the importance of his silent colleagues, the microbes and integrated flora and fauna. He is one of South Africa’s leading practitioners using Effective Microorganisms in his work. Thomas co-initiated the Waaipoort Farm Permaculture Centre in Rosendal Free State and lives and works there since August 2015.

Website: Waaipoort.co.za
Website: SCD Permaculture
Facebook: @Waaiport Diaries
LinkedIn: Thomas Linders

1 thought on “Exploring Biodynamic Farming, with Thomas Linders


    Thomas, this is great talk on biodynamic farming system.
    Biodynamic Agriculture food production ensures good human health and it conserves the environment.
    I would like to know more about your good work.
    We are just establishing biodynamic sustainable farming systems training center in Western Kenya.
    I would like to hear more on this topic.

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