Book Review: The Journey Continues

The Journey Continues. Finding a New Relationship to Death 
Written by Gilbert Childs

“In the minds of many physiologists, death “is a matter of ‘no working brain, therefore no
consciousness and no memory’. Utter extinction of consciousness is expected at the
moment of death, and with it no possibility of any further mental or emotional experiences.
A very different picture is given by Rudolf Steiner, who investigated death and the life after
death very fully and spoke about it often. He reported that, seen from the other side of the
threshold of death, the actual passing over is experienced as a moment of great joy and

[from page 33]

In this brief but extremely comprehensive look at what we call death, Gilbert Childs shows that this inevitable event need not be regarded with the usual fear and dread. Basing his attitude on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, he writes that the journey of life continues beyond the point where we shed our physical bodies. He follows the passage of the individual soul in the life after death, and describes how communion can be achieved between the living and the dead.

This concise exploration of the subject is highly recommended, giving as it can, “joy to some, relief to others, and I hope consolation to everyone.” [from the Introduction]

It is an excellent, lucid account of the continuation of our spirit’s journey, bringing it full circle to the point where we again inhabit a new physical body.

Written by Jane Abrahams

You can take this book out our library.

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