Bowring’s Remarkable Paintings – TALK 24 Feb & 31 Mar

Neil Tatham’s talk on the first part of Bowring’s remarkable Miniature Paintings was well attended on Friday 24 February, and it ignited much interest in the Anthroposophical ideas Neil points to in these paintings. Those present requested a follow-up talk in March to cover the second part.

Neil will give the second part of his talk (31 March) on Bowring’s Remarkable miniature paintings. From Neil’s perspective these paintings or Masonic Tracing Boards produced by a Rosicrucian Master in 1819 contain the information from Anthroposophy, as per what Neil has studied. To qualify this statement, Neil cites, the first painting alone includes 213 references to Steiner’s work. Due to time constraints only the first painting will be explained in detail accompanied by a general overview to understand the meaning of the other two images.

Guest Speaker: Neil Tatham

First Degree Board, by J. Bowring [1819] (Public Domain Image)

Whilst researching for 5 years the secret philosophy behind Freemasonry, Neil Tatham thinks that Josiah Bowring’s three miniature tracing boards encapsulate aspects of Anthroposophy. Josiah Bowring’s three miniature tracing boards are story-telling pictures used by Freemasons as a means of instruction. Bowring’s were the finest tracing boards ever painted, but no one has ever been able to understand them – until now.

Neil believes that aspects of what Rudolf Steiner revealed, Bowring captured in just 3 small paintings – no bigger than a man’s hand!

Neil will reveal the hidden meaning to the first tracing board in this evening’s talk and give a practical demonstrate to show why the use of symbols are necessary to attain spiritual knowledge.

Date: Part 1 on Friday 24 February, Part 2 on Friday 31 March 2023
Time: 19h00 till 20h00
Venue: Emmerson Room, at the Michael Mount Waldorf School, 40 Culross Road, Bryanston

Donations will be appreciated.

About Neil:

Neil Tatham and Binks

Neil is an original thinker. He is a marketing, advetsing, strategic planning and communications consultant.

He spent most of his career working in main stream advertising.

He has built several companies; launched numerous new products; lectured extensively; and written several original papers for the commercial and financial industries.

He is also a Master Mason.

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