How to bridge the outside world with our inner world of spirit?

By Ian Dunnett

I have been very busy trying to reconcile how to deal with the growing evil in the world, which is ultimately the reason for this forum (the new Study Group entitled Today’s Needed Consciousness). 

We have been part of the development of CIVIL SOCIETY, and my core QUESTION, is:

How can we achieve total integrity and morality as a fundamental quality, that I would wish to experience coming out of civil society, as a contrast to the lies and evil coming out of the mainstream, which is using fear and greed primarily to enslave mankind to their will?

If Civil Society can find the moral certitude to rise above that into a deep and fundamental integrity and humanity, which is also imbued with caring and love, we will have bridged the outer world with a true spiritually based inner world. 

This video below (of Arthur Zajon being interviewed for the documentary “The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner”) talks of Rudolph Steiner, whose work has been the driver of my life’s striving. A long and extraordinary walk through the life of a universal genius, who could guide mankind to a higher level of consciousness.

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