Bridges Between Life and Death

The book “Bridges Between Life and Death” by Iris Paxino is new to our library and bookshop, and is a useful book for those wanting to know about life after death. Paxino lectures regularly in the field of anthroposophical psychology:

How can we change the way we think about dying and death? Can we build a new relationship with loved ones who have passed? Iris Paxino, psychologist and professional counsellor, has spent her adult life exploring near-death experiences.

In this book she shares insights from her studies, as well as her own personal thoughts on dying, near-death experiences, and life after death. Paxino leads the reader through the process of dying and the moment of death and goes on to explore different aspects of death, from fear of death, to meeting with Christ, to materialistic and atheist outlooks.

These thoughtful insights help readers to understand more about death and dying, as well as the journey of the soul after life, leading to the possibility of a new connection with lost loved ones.

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