Communicating a New Global Culture

Online & In Person Event – hosted by Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch

Saturday, December 3, 2022
9:00 PM Johannesburg, SA. | 2:00 PM CT (US)

Rudolf Steiner’s core mission is culture – the way we understand ourselves, our history, our relationships, our potentials, and the reality in which we live. This involves the reunification of specialized cultural fields that began splitting apart three thousand years ago.

  • Science – Art – Ethics/religion — and Humanity
  • Buckminster Fuller – communications in a technocratic age
  • Communications
    • The semiotic model: don’t leave out the receiver of the messages!
    • An inside and an outside
    • Re-languaging, re-messaging

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Meeting ID: 879 7765 9758

The lecture is free, $15 suggested donations. Please type “John Beck ” on the first line of your payment application. To make your payment, please, follow the link

The event is organized by the program committee of Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch. For more information, please, contact Andrei Onegin at


John Beck

John Beck served as Director of Communications for the Anthroposophical Society in America and editor of its magazine being human from 2009 to 2022. Previously he was general manager of the New York Open Center, a center of holistic learning and world culture.

At Chase Bank we served in global network computing creating early internal communications systems, and in his first career he led public radio stations WNYC/New York and WGBH/Boston.

He is the author of A Millennium Handbook, currently in revision.


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