The transforming of darkness, with Stephanie Georgieff

Stephanie and Telana have a conversation about darkness, and how to be with it in today’s world to transform it to compassionately take our will into our actions.

They discuss how The Christian Community is related to Anthroposophy. And they explore what the cosmic significance of darkness is, and how we can use the symbolism of darkness in our world, to understand what is happening around us.

They ask too how Anthroposophy, and our human ‘dark sides” as well as Divine darkness, can help us to prepare ourselves to deal with it. They touch on how black is used in artistic and medical therapy, as well as practical ways we can transform our inner darkness to gain wisdom.




About Stephanie Georgieff, MS

Stephanie Georgieff

Stephanie is currently serving with the International Fellowship of St John in Kyustendil, Bulgaria, managing a safe house for Ukrainian refugees, and Roma girls and women. She has published two books; The Black Madonna Mysterious Soul Companion, and The Virgin of Guadalupe – Messenger of Destiny. She has lectured throughout North America, Europe and the British Isles on these and other topics related to Esoteric Christianity, Anthroposophy and the Divine Feminine. Stephanie has a Youtube Channel “The Heart of the Black Madonna” and hosts a podcast “The Black Madonna Speaks” on Apple iTunes and on Spotify.

Facebook: The Heart of the Black Madonna
Instagram: Black Madonna Speaks

Stephanie is visiting South Africa and giving a talk on 9th September 2023

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