Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Anthroposophy:

  1. What is Anthroposophy?
    Anthroposophy is a spiritual philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner that seeks to understand the nature of humanity and the universe through a combination of spiritual insight and scientific observation.

    Anthroposophy is a holistic philosophy that recognizes the interconnectedness of all aspects of reality, including the physical, spiritual, and intellectual dimensions of existence. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including education, medicine, art, agriculture, and social issues. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy, said that humanity has the potential to develop a deeper understanding of the spiritual world and that spiritual knowledge can be attained through direct experience and intuitive insight.

    Anthroposophy encourages individuals to develop their own spiritual capacities through personal and social development. This can involve engaging in artistic and creative activities, deepening one’s understanding of the natural world, and cultivating a sense of inner awareness and self-knowledge.

    Anthroposophy also emphasizes the importance of social engagement and community building. It encourages individuals to work together to address social issues and to create new forms of social organization that are more in line with spiritual values.

    Overall, Anthroposophy seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the human being and the world in which we live, one that is rooted in both scientific observation and spiritual insight. It offers a rich and diverse set of practices and ideas for individuals who are interested in personal and spiritual development and in creating a more harmonious and interconnected world.
  2. Who was Rudolf Steiner?
    Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, esotericist, and author who founded Anthroposophy in the early 20th century. He also developed Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, and other initiatives that are still active today.
  3. Is Anthroposophy a religion?
    Anthroposophy is not a religion, but a spiritual philosophy that seeks to integrate spiritual insight with scientific understanding. It is open to people of all religions or no religion.
  4. What is The Christian Community and how does it relate to Anthroposophy?
    The Christian Community is a religious movement that was founded in 1922 by members of the Anthroposophical Society who sought to create a renewed form of Christianity that was compatible with Anthroposophy. While it is inspired by Anthroposophy, The Christian Community has its own unique beliefs and practices that focus on the sacraments, including communion and baptism.
  5. What is eurythmy?
    Eurythmy is a movement art developed by Rudolf Steiner that seeks to express the spiritual qualities of language and music through choreographed movements. It is often described as a kind of “visible speech” or “visible music”.
  6. What is biodynamic agriculture?
    Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming developed by Rudolf Steiner that seeks to work in harmony with the spiritual and ecological principles of the natural world. It involves a holistic approach to farming that incorporates crop rotation, composting, and the use of natural preparations.
  7. What is Waldorf education?
    Waldorf education is a pedagogical approach developed by Rudolf Steiner that seeks to educate the whole child, including their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development. It emphasizes experiential learning, artistic expression, and a deep understanding of human nature.
  8. What is the Anthroposophical Society of Johannesburg?
    The Anthroposophical Society of Johannesburg (ASJ) is a local group of the South African Society (called the Anthroposophical Society of Southern Africa or ASSA). Both these organisations fall under the international Anthroposophical Society (GAS). The Societies seeks to promote the study and practice of Anthroposophy in South Africa. ASJ offers lectures, workshops, and other events on a variety of topics related to Anthroposophy.
  9. What kind of activities does the Anthroposophical Society of Johannesburg offer?
    The Anthroposophical Society of Johannesburg offers a variety of activities, including lectures, study groups, artistic workshops, and eurythmy performances. It also has a library and bookstore that specialize in Anthroposophical literature.
  10. Why join the Anthroposophical Society of Johannesburg?
    Joining the Anthroposophical Society of Johannesburg provides an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Anthroposophy and engage in activities that support personal and social development. Members have access to a range of resources, including lectures, workshops, and study groups, as well as opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. Find more information on this page here.
  11. How can I join the Anthroposophical Society of Johannesburg?
    To join the Anthroposophical Society of Johannesburg, you can fill out a membership affirmation form and submit it along with the annual membership fee. The affirmation form can be found on our website here, or obtained in person at the Society’s offices at the Library. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in Anthroposophy and supports the Society’s mission. Find further information on this page here.

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Typical Questions that lead to Higher Knowledge

We have some questions for you to ponder, which we will be answering over the next year, so watch this space for the details!

  • Man is a 3-fold being: body, soul and spirit.
    Want to know why……?
  • Immortality starts when you die.
    Want to know why……?
  • The difference between man, an animal. a plant and a rock is his ego.
    Want to know why……?
  • Hearing and not seeing is your highest sense.
    Want to know why……?
  • Christianity is not a teaching it is about a deed.
    Want to know why……?
  • Thinking, feeling, willing are soul forces.
    Want to know why……?
  • Imagination, inspiration, intuition start when you stop thinking.
    Want to know why……?
  • The difference between a man and woman is about a thousand years.
    Want to know why……?
  • The difference between time and space is consciousness.
    Want to know why……?
  • The world’s most advanced natural medicine is not available in South Africa.
    Want to know why……?
  • The devil and satan are different beings.
    Want to know why……?
  • The cosmos means an ordered system, the universe is full of stars.
    Want to know why……?
  • What is the difference between the anthroposophical society and all other societies? 
    Want to know why……?