The Foundation Stone Verse and Biodynamic Farming

How is the Foundation Stone relevant in the practice of biodynamic farming?

In our fifth installment of our series in Exploring the Foundation Stone, as part of the of the Anthroposophical Society in Southern Africa’s Annual Conference (held on 4th July 2022), we spoke with a biodynamic farmer, Wendy Lilje.

Wendy shares an explanation of what biodynamic farming is, and how it requires a conscious working with the spiritual world. With this backdrop, she compares the Foundation Stone Verse to the Biodynamic Farm Organism. She also shares how she uses the verse in her personal life, as well as on the farm and in the making of the preparations.

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About Wendy Lilje

Wendy grew up on a sugar farm in Kwa Zulu Natal & went to University in Johannesburg (WITS) to study Science. After graduating with a BSc she found a job at Pharma Natura in their Quality Control  laboratory.  Here she encountered Anthroposophy for the first time. At Pharma Natura she was given the opportunity to work at both Weleda and Wala in Germany.   Later she moved to Wellington to take over the biodynamic farm Bloublommetjieskloof from Jeanne Malherbe.

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For courses in Biodynamic farming see: the Biodynamic Association or email

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