The four streams and their connection to Steiner’s deed related to the Foundation Stone

In our 6th session we heard from Cyril Coetzee around how the four streams come together through Rudolf Steiner’s deed related to the Foundation Stone. He also explored how the verse has a connection to the Philosopher’s Stone, as well as to the Fifth Gospel. This is part of the Anthroposophical Society in Southern Africa’s Annual Conference (this session held on 11th July 2022).

>>You can download a PDF copy of Cyril’s presentation, by clicking here.

Replay here:

About Cyril Coetzee

Formerly a published art historian Cyril Coetzee has been a practicing artist since 1990. Cyril is best known for his portrait of Nelson Mandela reproduced on an international postage stamp and for his 28 square metre painting in the William Cullen Library at Wits University. Cyril has had a lifelong interest in Anthroposophy.

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