History of the Foundation Stone and a look at it’s rhythms

Our second Session of the Anthroposophical Society in Southern Africa’s Annual Conference was on 13th June 2022. We explored the significance of the Foundation Stone meditation in the history of the Anthroposophical Movement and in the life of Rudolf Steiner.

We also started looking at the structure of the verse, focusing on the various rhythms in this meditation. And Christiane also expanded on the healing aspect of the verse.

Replay here:

About Martin Wigand

Martin has been a Waldorf high school teacher in Germany and South Africa for many years. His special interest was always the anthroposophical foundation of Waldorf Education.

About Christiana Wigand

Eurythmy artist and Eurythmy teacher for 24 years, now working as a Eurythmy therapist in 2 Waldorf schools and a government nursery school and as a trainer.

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