The longing and necessity of the human being to create, with Cyril Coetzee

Join host Jan Lampen in a captivating podcast episode as he engages in a thought-provoking conversation with acclaimed artist Cyril Coetzee. They delve into the deep longing and essentiality of human creativity, exploring the connection between spirituality and art across different historical epochs.

From the 12 worldviews of Steiner to the interplay of color and form, they uncover how humanity’s spiritual evolution finds expression through artistic endeavors. The discussion also touches upon the impact of artificial intelligence on art and the profound link between self-discovery and artistic creation.

They also touch on the challenges faced by society today and how art can serve as a transformative force in navigating these obstacles.




About Cyril Coetzee:

Cyril Coetzee

Formerly an art historian at Wits university Cyril has published several scholarly articles about J, W. von Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, Wassily Kandinsky and Joseph Beuys. He has also authored a pictorial monograph on the work of Harold Voigt entitled ‘ The poetry of Sight’.

Since 1990 Cyril has worked as a painter, freelance lecturer and painting teacher. He has held solo shows of his paintings at various venues and is also well known as a portrait painter having twice been commissioned to paint Nelson Mandela during his presidency. Many well known South African personalities have sat for him: Advocatec George Bizos, Judge Edwin Cameron, Judge Richard Goldstone, Anton Rupert, Graça Machel to name a few.

For the 75th anniversary of Wits University Cyril was commissioned to paint a 28 square metre commemorative canvas for the William Cullen Library ( See the publication: T’kama- Adamastor: ‘ Inventions of Africa in a South African Painting’ , Ed: Ivan Vladislavic)

Cyril has exhibited his paintings throughout South Africa as well as in the USA, Canada, India and Switzerland and has won several awards. He has works in many public collections in South Africa and abroad. He has also worked as a Curator of several major exhibitions and as a design advisor to the S. A Mint. He has been invited to lecture locally and internationally.

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About Jan Lampen:

Jan Lampen

Jan Lampen completed his Higher National Diploma in Television & Film Production in 1987 and is an award winning producer, director and writer. He has contributed to almost every genre of South African television production. Currently, he is a free-lance scriptwriter for a Netflix drama series.

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