“Humankind at a Crossroads” – LECTURE on 23 September 2022

Over the last two years uncertainty about the future and fear have increased dramatically all over the world, often fueled by the media. But beyond their headlines other developments are also of concern: Many experts speak of the present time as approaching a “singularity”, where mankind transitions from being God’s creation (or a product of evolution) to becoming a creator of our future and even redesigning our own human species: From “Homo Sapiens” to “Homo Deus” in the words of bestselling author Yuval Harari. “Transhumanism” is the official term for it.

If we want to stand upright and with courage in these times, we need to understand them from a spiritual perspective. Using indications by Rudolf Steiner as our starting point, we will explore the challenges and opportunities presented to us. There is a bright light shining towards us from the future, but as we all know: a bright light casts a dark shadow!

Mankind stands at a crossroads: Will fear bind us to the darkness, or will we embrace the dawn of a new day?

Presenter: Martin Wigand.
Martin is visiting from Cape Town and has been a Waldorf high school teacher in Germany and South Africa for many years. His special interest was always the anthroposophical foundation of Waldorf Education.
Date: Friday 23 September 2022.
Time: 19h00 start, until 20h00.
Venue: Steiner Centre, at Michael Mount Waldorf School, 40 Culross Road, Bryanston, Johannesburg.

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