Introducing the “Gateway Initiative”

It is the I in us that places us above the animals, and with the capacity to connect with the angels, who are ahead of us in their development. With this I, the truly spiritual in us, we find ourselves outside of natural laws in that we firstly learn and understand, secondly make things with and from nature, being products for the material needs of others, and finally make and impose laws on each other that are not natural laws. These three elements are exclusively found where human beings are and must therefore be connected to our I-organisation.

In the past, the Hand of God kept us connected to Him. Where we stand in the world today is that we have not yet freely and consciously adopted any real recognition of our I. Rather, we live in obeyance of laws and activities that serve our needs and in faith in material wellbeing. Most alarming is the fact that many cannot even see that these very capacities of ours for natural science and intellect are the outcomes of our spiritual nature. Our situation within society as it is constructed today will not change without a recognition of our I in all that we are right now.

In order to assist humanity today in moving forward towards a renewed social order, we need to bring ourselves closer to knowing our own spiritual nature by being able to show it as a reality to each to other, and the world, in conscious interactions. It may appear that there is no obvious and clear gateway to this possibility for searching souls to find and associate with. For us the gateway lies in the works of Rudolf Steiner.

The Johannesburg Group of the Anthroposophical Society wishes to strive to be, firstly, the light that illumines the presence of a gateway to a true and enlarged human consciousness, and, secondly, an organisation of the highest integrity in discovering, nurturing and sharing these realities (the Christ in us) amongst ourselves and with the outside world in real and practical ways. We envisage a reality where ordinary searching souls find this gateway into understanding and becoming ever more who we are because we are conscious of our humanity and apply it to our daily existence in a transformative way, guided by the filling of our own soul content through the development of the capacities of our consciousness soul.

We are suggesting that we meet again on 12 March 2022 to discuss the ideas that are being sparked and which are starting to unfold around the Gateway Initiative, at a “brainstorming discussion”.

Please send your thoughts and interest in attending the next Gateway Initiative Session on 12 March at 15h00 at Steiner Centre, to Telana on or on 0837302979.

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