Introduction to the Foundation Stone Verse

Session 1 of the Anthroposophical Society in Southern Africa’s Annual Conference was on 6th June 2022. This year is a significant year, as it is the prologue to the centenary of the founding of the Anthroposophical Society in 1923.

To celebrate the centenary, Linoia (Noy) Pullen and Cecilia Solis-Peralta have compiled a book which records the ceremony enacted by Dr Steiner when he introduced the Foundation Stone Verse and developed the daily rhythms. Noy is convinced that the way Dr Steiner built up the Foundation Stone Verse and Rhythms during the first week of the Christmas Conference in 1923 was a precursor to the Class Lessons which followed soon after. This book also brings details of the laying of the Foundation Stone in 1913, as well as the connection to the Fifth Gospel and Macrocosmic Prayer. The book also offers rarely seen photographs taken around the time of the Christmas Conference.

We opened the ASSA Conference with the discussion of this new book about the Foundation Stone and used it as an introduction to this verse.

To receive an electronic copy of this book, please email us.

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About Linoia Pullen

“When I met Anthroposophy in 1985 through Douwe Raaths, Peter King and Ralph Shepherd, I became aware that Dr Steiner, through the crafting of Statutes of the Anthroposophical Society and gifting the Foundation Stone Verse addressed an existential question for me – How the individual and the group who could meet in harmony. Always in my past I had held strong individualities in high esteem. I discovered that they appeared to be natural enemies or at least a disruptive influence in a group. When I asked Ludmilla Hogerzeil what the Foundation Stone was all about she introduced me to Dr Maghiel Hogerzeil and many strong personalities who met every three weeks to work with all aspects of the founding of the Anthroposophical Society in 1923.

The wisdom shining in the Statutes and the Foundation Stone Verse illuminate a way to this harmony. These verbal edifices, glowing in wisdom,  shine a light on the true history of our origin, insight into the Hierarchial  Beings who guide our lives and clarify our mission, as the Tenth Hierarchy, to bring the light of freedom and the warmth of love for the benefit of all beings, light beseeching.

Noy Pullen

Linoia Pullen is the Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in Southern Africa. She was a Maths and English teacher, led to becoming a make-up artist and wardrobe planner and then finding creative ways to help health professionals support those people living with diabetes, the only condition to which Dr Steiner devotes a chapter to in his final work, Fundamentals of Therapy. A condition of the Ego organisation.

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