Karma and Reincarnation

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Researching Karma, With Rick Moxon on October 6th (7.00pm UK TIME on Zoom)

Why should we to carry out karma research?
We will look at some exercises that Steiner hoped people would take up which can help reveal the forces of destiny working in their biographies which may lead to the reawakening of memories of previous lives. We will also examine several examples of karma research to get a feel for how it can be practised. One will follow a sequence of incarnations of related individualities described by Rudolf Steiner in his Karma lectures from 1924. The other shows how Eugen Kolisko made a detailed study of the life and destiny of Lawrence of Arabia, how this provides insights into his karma, and how it suggests links to a previous incarnation. We will also look at some of the dangers associated with karma research, and how to cope with these.

Rick Moxon is a retired environmental scientist living in Hertfordshire.

Karma as a Scientific Discipline, With Angus Jenkinson on October 20th (7.00pm UK TIME on Zoom)

Practical knowledge of karma matters. Cultivating awareness and a rigorous scientific discipline is a central task of anthroposophy. Steiner considered it key to ours and future times. Why? What does this mean for us? What for example has karma (and reincarnation) to do with ending the slave trade? How did it influence a transformation in 20th century art? What was its working in modern economics? How did it influence one of the great media stars of the 20th century? What about your own life? And what does its scientific practice have to do with the essence of anthroposophical practice for the future?

Angus Jenkinson has been exploring the history of science for 5 decades and works as a scientific researcher and change or development designer in the field of social organization. He is a fellow of several professional bodies, an affiliated academic fellow, former professor, and an independent researcher at the Centre for Thinking Futures. He is a long-term practising student of Steiner’s scientific disciplines for knowledge of self and world. He has authored 4 books including From Stress to Serenity, which is on self-development.

The Principles of Spiritual Economy, With Eric Klein on November 3rd (7.00pm UK TIME on Zoom)

Normally, when we leave this world at the end of our incarnation, our physical, etheric, and astral bodies, each in their appropriate time, re-join the physical, etheric, and astral worlds from which they were formed. It is only our eternal nature that lives on. However, in the case of highly developed human beings, these bodies do not necessarily dissolve in the same way but are “reused” by other highly developed beings in future time. Is it possible to consider that even in our time, we can develop ourselves to such an extent that we leave something for the future?

Eric Klein was born and raised in an Anthroposophic home in New York, educated at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City, before training as a concert musician at the Manhattan School of Music. His life’s journey has gone through Harvard Business School, the Christian Community Seminary in Stuttgart, Germany before settling in England in 2002. He has worked as a performing musician, composer, conductor, teacher and lecturer.

The Karma of Illness, With Dr. Peter Gruenewald on November 17th (7.00pm UK TIME on Zoom)

Suffering from a chronic physical or mental illness can be an existential challenge that may seemingly limit our self- expression and even social reach. It can be caused by experiences and deeds in previous lives but may also be a preparation to acquire new life skills for a future lifetime. In fact, organs that are weak in one incarnation, may become organs of strength in a next life. All illness, even physical illnesses have to be understood from their spiritual, soul, vital and physical and social aspect. Once we understand these dimensions of illness and its individual purpose, we can start to work on improving the conditions by means that strengthen our physical, vital, emotional, and spiritual constitution.

We will in this context look at two statements: “All illnesses are musical problems.” (Novalis) and Paracelsus: “The foundation of all medicine is love.”

We will explore the question: How can we use spiritual development and initiation to work towards a true and sustainable state of health, physically, vitally, emotionally and spiritually?

Dr Peter Gruenewald is an anthroposophical doctor, general practitioner, specialist doctor in sleep medicine and a trainer in Adaptive Resilience and stress management. He is the author of the books: The Quiet Heart. Putting Stress in its Place (2007), Manifesting your Best Future Self: Building Adaptive Resilience (2020) and Mastering Life. Rosicrucian and Magical Techniques for achieving your Life’s Goals (2022)

World Karma, With Geoffrey Norris on December 1st (7.00pm UK TIME on Zoom)

The Paradise Play, the Shepherds Play and the Kings Play have their origins in oral tradition and were brought to the island of Oberufer by a group of German migrants. They form part of a medieval mystery tradition and were collected by Schroer, a teacher of Rudolf Steiner. In these plays we see the origin of human world karma portrayed on the stage for us, and watch how God, the Angels and Devils are even now working towards resolution of the karmic situation that we, as human beings, put ourselves in.

Geoff is a master teacher of Steiner Creative Speech with over 45 years of experience in the field. He is an experienced storyteller, actor and director and has performed and given workshops world wide. He is currently training students to achieve a Goetheanum recognized diploma in Steiner Speech and is speaking and codirecting for Eurythmy West Midlands young stage group.

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