Leadership in Transformation

An Online Peer Learning Opportunity

“I would like share this with our ASJ community, as registration for this is still open – please see link below.

It has been carefully planned and organized, by a dynamic team, that make the best use of technology to connect around the world, and share the work of a truly inspired Anthroposophical impulse.

The first presentation was clear and highly substantial –  A great example of what it means to have lived and breathed the principles of a three-fold humanity in community over a life-time.

The sessions are recorded, which allows one to be present to the real-time event, assured that notes can be revised with repeated viewings of the recording, later on.

Thanks to Caroline Hurner, from ASWC for alerting us to this and the other notices, we regularly receive.
Best X Lola

LEADERSHIP IN TRANSFORMATION, LiT – is an online peer-learning program created by the World Social Initiative Forum beginning on March 22nd.

You are invited to join in developing self-leadership, mindfulness, and service through this process.

For in the current polarization, unpredictability and fear that our global community faces, we believe that self-leadership, mindfulness, and service are now essential qualities for our dispositions and way of being which require schooling and nurturing.

First phase comprises of  four monthly sessions beginning March 22 with Freedom in Culture: from limitation to potentiality (The “I as I”) – with guest Aonghus Gordon.

Go to https://www.lit-forums.org/ for more information.