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Jane Fox’s new book, “Letters to Lionel” has just been published.

“Letters to Lionel has been written as a personal process to deal with bereavement, but with searing honesty and endearing wit, Jane Fox has created a work of universal significance. As we all stare into the abyss of loss, confusion and alienation during these troubling times, it is ironic that a confrontation with death can reveal the meaning of life with such heart-warming, life-affirming sincerity. I cannot think of a more important book the world needs right now.”

Jan Lampen

When poet, novelist and teacher Lionel Abrahams died in 2004, his wife Jane Fox wrote him a series of letters because she profoundly needed to go on talking to him. She found them in her computer seventeen years later and was moved to show them to close friends. They strongly suggested that she should share them with the wider public.

As well as the letters themselves, this book includes small ‘snapshots’ in words of their life together; a Jane’s-eye view of Lionel as a man rather than as a writer. It shows how a human spirit can rise above physical difficulties (Lionel suffered from cerebral palsy) to become a mentor for others and a creative artist himself.

Letters to Lionel is a beguiling, unusual book and an inspiration to anyone who has lost a partner or loved one to make a healing connection back to them, and to find a source of courage to continue.

Read the review of the book on The Daily Maverick: Letters to Lionel: A book about courage, fortitude, promise and love

Jane’s book is available in our bookshop for R200, or you can get a copy direct from her on 0829207952 or email renoster@mweb.co.za.

Jane and Lionel

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