Man is a 3-Fold Being: Body, Soul and Spirit – TALK 27 Jan

Guest Speaker: Anthony Higgins

Anthony will speak on the first of twelve foundation insights drawn from the Light of Anthroposophy (Spiritual Science). The one he will present on this evening is entitled:

Man is a 3-Fold Being: Body, Soul and Spirit
Want to know why…?

This presentation will form part of eleven other presentations on different introductory topics to Anthroposophy, which
will be added to this website after their presentation at our Members & Friends meetings.

Date: Friday 27 January 2023
Time: 19h00 till 20h00
Venue: Steiner Centre, at the Michael Mount Waldorf School, 40 Culross Road, Bryanston
Donations will be appreciated.

About Anthony:

Anthony Higgins

For the greater part of his career, Anthony was a distinguished advertising copywriter. During that time he “dropped out” to become a Eurythmy graduate.

About 3-Fold Being

Thus we can distinguish in man “three members:

  • the head;
  • then the breast-organization embracing all that is rhythmical, the breathing system and blood circulation;
  • thirdly, the metabolic-limb system, which includes nutrition, digestion and the distribution throughout the body of the products of digestion, all of which engender movement. All this has to do with the metabolic-limb system.”
Rudolf Steiner, Penmaenmawr, 23.08.1923; The Evolution of Consciousness, Rudolf Steiner Press

“The human being is essentially a spiritual being manifesting and expressing itself through the body and the soul. These three elements, the body, soul and spirit, together give us our threefold nature. The spirit is our individuality, our divine nature, that which is eternal and permanent. The soul is the unseen part of ourselves, the seat of our feelings, it is also called the aura or the mind. The body is the three dimensional part of ourselves which is not permanent and subject to physical laws.”

GAIA Waldorf School

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