Nanotechnology and Anthroposophy

“Sensory perception is but the outer vestment of the activity of beings in different states of consciousness”.

– Rudolf Steiner

On the 7th June 2019, Martin Sanne gave a talk on nanotechnology in which he expressed his view on the 5G mobile phone standard. I did not attend this talk, but I know we are led to believe that 5G will be super-fast, more efficient – set to revolutionize mobile phone communications and the Internet and we will be able to download more movies, faster, etc.

Our reality threatens to become a “virtual reality.” For this to happen, we will need small and more powerful radio towers. These tiny microwaves cannot penetrate buildings, hence the need for these small masts every 100-300 meters. These will be installed in every town and village.

The electromagnetic radiation will grow enormously. Electromagnetic technologies work from the sub natural realm of forces.

This is the domain of Ahriman and his hosts – there is no place for the supersensible, in his domain. This spirit of the intellect is the complete opposite to that of Michael who helps mankind to come to a spiritual picture of the world. This new technology will give Ahrimanic beings a further powerful impetus.

“These beings can be imaginatively experienced as black crows of misfortune, which belong underground, but which have, in the course of the last hundred years, forced their way powerfully to the surface and seek to cut off human beings ‘from Michael’s spiritual radiance’. They want to entrap humanity in materialism and then bring about the cosmic materialisation of human thoughts and feelings for themselves – the greatest illusion would take on a cosmically real form. Human beings would forget the spirit along with their own spiritual individualities. This danger can still be avoided if the yearning for what is merely material takes up the other yearning for what is spiritual”

– Rudolf Steiner

Taken from an article by T.H.Meyer.

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