New Anthroposophical online Newspaper

The Das Goetheanum is a weekly public newspaper for anthroposophy, published by the Goetheanum. It is open to all interested readers, and an English Version has just been launched.

The editors are focusing this year on the theme of exploring the world soul, the anima mundi. They are asking: Where is anthroposophy active as a part of the world soul around the globe?

The English version will have original articles, as well as translated articles from the German edition of Das Goetheanum.

The vision is imagined to be “a shared space for anthroposophy as it exists and develops today and tomorrow around the world—a global Goetheanum connected within its shared purpose.”

The editors are requesting articles and submissions, inviting us to send articles (reflections, columns, reviews, essays) that illustrate the active contributions of anthroposophy in the world.

Each issue has:

  • a Deepening section for main articles where writers explore a topic in depth;
  • a section called Spotlights that includes thoughtful commentary on events that indicate the mood of our time;
  • a Musings section for reviews, and shorter texts on anthroposophical research and other interesting cultural items; and,
  • a Seeds section for short commentary including poems and photos.
  • Throughout the English edition, the editors will present News and short interviews with people that are building anthroposophy in their own way in response to the world.

You can read, share, and subscribe to the newsletter at

Within this first journal are such articles as:

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