Anthroposophical Events, Lectures and Replays from around the world.

Below is a list we have curated of other branches of the Anthroposophical Society around the world, and also Anthroposophical Organizations, that you might like to explore, and subscribe to their own mailings lists to get up to date information.

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Southeastern Pennsylvania Branch Of The Anthroposophical Society

There is a series of zoom talks coming up, that are mostly at 3pm EST which is 9pm SA time, around this theme:

Shining a Light into the Darkness

Path of Knowledge inner development is itself a process of shining light into the darkness. As social challenges are intensifying, we are called upon more urgently to develop new capacities in understanding the human being, nature and medicine in wholeness. This series will focus on historical thinking influences which still darkly affect the soul of every modern human being.

Because we see everywhere today that the “light shines into the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not”, what is our response to the recognition of darkness which lives within the thinking of each of us?

Rudolf Steiner Branch – Chicago

“The Anthroposophical Society is a union of human beings who desire to further the life of the soul — both in the individual and in human society — on the basis of a true knowledge of the Spiritual World.”

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Rudolf Steiner House – London UK

“Thousands of people come through the doors of Rudolf Steiner House every year. Some come to take part in the anthroposophically inspired seminars, conferences and events that are on offer. Others come to the bookshop for a warm welcome by our knowledgeable staff and others come to peruse the library and archive, using the study space for research. Still others come to see exhibitions and experience the unique ambience and organic architecture.”

CFAE Media

CFAE Media hosts CURRENT AFFAIRS, which is “about the immediate issues facing people today, from local to global and spiritual, and will attempt to answer the burning questions within each of us about how we might meet the challenges we face and see through it to a positive outcome. Our speakers will be individuals with unique perspectives of current events and, through their working knowledge in the science of the spirit,  give an honest assessment of a way forward to a better future.
Please join our series as we navigate the treacherous terrain of our present times, and together perhaps find answers to humanity’s most pressing current affairs.”


EduCareDo offers self-directed distance-learning courses based on the principal ideas of Rudolf Steiner. Participants can begin any time and work at their own pace.