PODCAST: Anthroposophical Conversations

Welcome to “Anthroposophical Conversations“,
the podcast that delves into the rich and transformative world of Anthroposophy.

Offered by the Anthroposophical Society of Johannesburg.

Together we will embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, delving into the profound teachings of Rudolf Steiner and the vibrant community of individuals who study and strive to live by his principles.

Anthroposophy, meaning “wisdom of the human being,” is a comprehensive spiritual philosophy that embraces art, science, and spirituality/religion. Developed by the visionary Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century, Anthroposophy offers a holistic approach to understanding the human experience, exploring the interconnectedness of body, soul, and spirit.

In each episode of “Anthroposophical Conversations,” we will have the privilege of engaging in enlightening discussions with individuals who are actively engaged in the principles of Anthroposophy. These remarkable guests, ranging from educators to healthcare practitioners, artists to farmers, will share their unique perspectives and experiences, providing us with valuable insights into the practical applications of Steiner’s teachings in various fields.

Together, we will explore the profound wisdom founded by Anthroposophists, as we discuss topics such as Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, anthroposophical medicine, eurythmy, and much more. Our conversations will transcend the boundaries of conventional thought, inviting listeners to deepen their understanding of the human being’s potential for growth, transformation, and connection to the spiritual realm.

Through “Anthroposophical Conversations,” we aim to inspire and empower individuals seeking a holistic approach to life, one that nurtures the mind, body, and soul. Whether you are already familiar with Anthroposophy or are simply curious to explore this transformative path, our podcast offers a space for meaningful dialogue and shared wisdom.

So, join us as we embark on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Subscribe to “Anthroposophical Conversations” and be prepared to embark on a profound soul experience, guided by the passionate voices of those who study and attempt to apply Rudolf Steiner’s information and transformative teachings.

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Episode 1: The longing and necessity of the human being to create, with Cyril Coetzee

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Episode 2: From ensouling puppets, to the future of puppetry, with Estelle Bryer

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Episode 3: Why the world today needs Anthroposophical Medicine, with Dr Christopher Nicolaou

Click here

Episode 4: The transforming of darkness, with Stephanie Georgieff

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Episode 5: Exploring Biodynamic Farming, with Thomas Linders

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