From ensouling puppets, to the future of puppetry, with Estelle Bryer

Estelle Bryer shared her life story and passion for puppetry with host Telana Simpson. In the podcast, we explore the positive impact of puppets on children and how it captivates them. Estelle shares how she grew this art form in South Africa, and internationally.

She speaks about the practice of ensouling puppets, and how eurythmy and anthroposophy has influenced her style of puppetry. Some of her puppets make an appearance as well, including the well known Zuzu.

Estelle impresses upon us how important puppetry is for the future, and specifically for children, explaining this quote from Rudolf Steiner:

“Puppetry is a remedy against the ravages of modern civilization – it must enfold and develop the fantasy of the child”.

Rudolf Steiner




About Estelle Bryer

Estelle Bryer

Estelle Bryer is a well-known South African puppeteer for children and adults, a eurythmist, a Waldorf early childhood educator, and author. She founded the Rainbow Puppet theatre, the only permanent puppet theatre in South Africa, in 1992.  Estelle has performed to over three quarters of a million children over the years, and more recently for adults too, and has been involved in Anthroposophy in South Africa for many decades.

Her book is entitled: The Rainbow Puppet Theatre Book: Fourteen Classic Puppet Plays (WECAN, 2013).

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