Report back from Worldwide Anthroposophical Society – TALK on 22 Sept 2022

“Report back from the Council of Country Representatives meetings”

Wilfried Bohm will report on the meetings of the last few years. What is this CoCR, how has it developed and what tasks are envisaged for it in the near future?

The Goetheanum, located in Dornach, Switzerland, is the world centre for the anthroposophical movement, and home to the General Anthroposophical Society (GAS).

He will give an overview of the country societies that are represented, and introduce you to many of the individuals that participate. A brief overview of matters that have been discussed there recently. This will lead to two important questions:

  • What does this experience tell us of the current state of the worldwide Anthroposophical Society, and also about the particular possibilities of our own ASSA?
  • What and how can this Council fruitfully contribute in the time ahead? He will report on proposed changes to the GAS constitution. Can our members relate to that? What wishes and suggestions are there?

Presenter: Wilfried Bohm, ASSA Executive and CoCR Representative for Southern Africa, based in Cape Town.
Date: Thursday 22 September 2022.
Time: 19h00 start, until 20h00.
Venue: Steiner Centre, at Michael Mount Waldorf School, 40 Culross Road, Bryanston, Johannesburg.

For more information contact us on 0837302979.

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