The Source of Anthroposophy

Written by Ludmilla King

When you go for a walk along a river, flowing in the opposite direction to your walking, it is interesting to notice that when you look [after a while] at the riverbank you see an image of the river flowing in the opposite direction

Fish can swim against the streaming water trying to follow an etheric urge to find the source of the river to where they originally came from.

The source of the river is there where the rainwater, coming out of the clouds, can find a vessel which can hold it and then full, and can then let it go in the form of a meandering river.

A river that can bring life to multiple earthly undertakings like villages, towns, watermills farms. Boats and ships can travel on it and thousands of animals live in and on it.

To find the beginning of a particular river has been a wish for centuries for people. Many accounts have been told to find the start of the Nile or the Amazon etc.

Imagine the source of the Vaal River would one day dry up. All the life it brings would come to an end.  

Rudolf Steiner brought the “Anthroposophical Movement” from the spiritual world down to us. Like a mighty etheric rain, a deed that is there now.

The vessel that can receive it and make it work for humanity on earth is the Anthroposophical society. For the physical source not to dry up Anthroposophy needs people to remember it’s source, there where the etheric forces swell and burst forth. All the wonderful initiatives that have come about in the wake of its flowing would dry up or lose their way.

Only if we care for it can it flourish and help build up positive, modern, future-bringing institutions.

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