St John’s Festival Course – 2023

Join The Christian Community for a course on the St. John’s Festival, run by Anthroposophist Rev. Michaël Merle

We read scripture and we think we can understand it because we are reading it in our mother tongue.

Judaism is a religion of description and definition, lived out in discussion and debate.

We can understand this when we realise that one word in original Hebrew could result in a lifetime of study, and to translate it may require a thousand words in English or any other modern language.

The influence of the Ancient Hebrew language on Ancient Greek will also be considered. This will help us to begin to understand the last words in the Gospel of John: If everything that Jesus said “were all written down one after another, I do not think the world itself could contain the books that would have to be written”.

The Hebrew language expressed the creative concepts and actions of the divine and the spiritual worlds.

When we begin to grasp how this was achieved in the structure and composition of Hebrew, we can start to gain a true insight into scripture.

Rev. Michaël Merle is leading a study over 3 Sundays in St John’s to consider the divine expression in the structure and composition of Hebrew.

The cost is R450 (R150 per Sunday).
Booking and upfront payment are essential!
A light lunch is included.

Dates: Sunday 25 June, Sunday 2 July and Sunday 9 July
Times: 12h15 to 15h30
Contact to book: 011 789 3083 ir WhatsApp 0766971340 or

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