Rudolf Steiner’s “Blackboard drawings for the lecture work” books

New to our library are some wonderful books from Maghiel Hogerzeil’s collection that have been generously donated to us. 

Featured above is a drawing from GA243, from one of the two volumes on our shelves, of the series of books documenting the drawings Steiner made during his lectures. 

Feel free to come visit our library to page through them, to compliment any of your studies.  They cover:

In Volume XV – Blackboard drawings for the lecture work 15  (Tables for volumes 233a, 234 and 243 of the Rudolf Steiner Complete Edition)

  • Nature is the great illusion. «Know yourself» / The three worlds and their mirror images / Form and substantiality of the mineral with reference to the states of consciousness of the human being / The secret of exploring other worlds through the metamorphosis of consciousness / The inner vitalization of the soul through the properties of the metallic / Initiation knowledge / Star knowledge / Possibilities of aberration in spiritual research / Abnormal paths into the spiritual world and its transformation / Influences of the extraterrestrial cosmos on human consciousness.

Volume XXII – Blackboard drawings for the lecture work 22 (Tables for volumes 312, 313, 314 and 315 of the Rudolf Steiner Complete Edition (lectures on medicine)).

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