TALK: Activities for the Apocalypse

We live in apocalyptic times; climate change, economic upheaval, global pandemics and more. What are the methods by which we can meet these challenges of our current era with love and courage?

Examining global trends with an esoteric understanding of the Book of Revelation, specifically the Seven Churches and the Mystic Lamb, this topic explores methods by which participants can greet the “lifting of the veil” in compassion, preparedness and resilience, and how the artistic rendering of The Madonna, specifically The Black Madonna, can be an inspiration for our times.

Date: Saturday 9 September 2023
Time: 15h00 to 16h30
Venue: Steiner Centre, at Michael Mount Waldorf School, 40 Culross Road, Bryanston.
Donations appreciated.

About Stephanie Georgieff, MS:

Stephanie Georgieff

Stephanie is visiting South Africa – she is currently serving with the International Fellowship of St John in Kyustendil, Bulgaria, managing a safe house for Ukrainian refugees, and Roma girls and women. She has published two books; The Black Madonna Mysterious Soul Companion, and The Virgin of Guadalupe – Messenger of Destiny. She has lectured throughout North America, Europe and the British Isles on these and other topics related to Esoteric Christianity, Anthroposophy and the Divine Feminine. Stephanie has a Youtube Channel “The Heart of the Black Madonna” and hosts a podcast “The Black Madonna Speaks” on iTunes and on Spotify.

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