TALK:  The Experience of Architecture in the Consciousness Soul Age

Buildings of the past can be read as expressions of the awareness that humans had of themselves in the world. Coming to present times, where do we see architects placing the autonomous and free individual at the center of their creations?

Date: Friday 4 August 2023
Time: 19h00 to 20h30
Venue: Steiner Centre, at Michael Mount Waldorf School, 40 Culross Road, Bryanston.
Donations appreciated.

About Wilfried Bohm

Wilfried was born and raised in rural Namibia, then trained and worked as an architect in Britain for 16 years. Since 1995 he has been back in South Africa, where he worked in a village community for special needs, practised as an architect and recently as a lecturer at two Cape Town universities’ architecture departments.

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