The Armour of God

In an endeavour to help one to strengthen oneself and prepare to face the challenges we are having to deal with today, Ian Dunnett offers the below reflection. This is offered with a follow up discussion on WhatsApp and a meeting in person once a month, in Johannesburg.

Ian Dunnett for “Today’s needed Consciousness” discussions.
October 2022.

Emil Boch’s translation of Ephesians 6 (written by St Paul) from the Bible, THE ARMOUR OF GOD, about the power Christ, gives us:

The Armour of God

What it comes to in the end is this: let the intense strength of his might flow through those who want to serve the Lord. Put on the full armour of God that you may resist the well-aimed attacks of the Adversary. For our part is not to fight against powers of flesh and blood, but
against spirit-beings,
mighty in the stream of time,
against spirit-beings,
powerful in the moulding of earth’s substance,
against the cosmic powers
whose darkness rules the present time,
against beings who, in the spiritual worlds,
are themselves the powers of evil.

Therefore courageously take up the armour of God, that you can resist the evil on the day when it unfolds its greatest strength. You should stand firm, following everything through to the very end.

Stand fast, girded about the loins with truth.
Put on the breastplate of the higher life
which fulfils our human destiny.
Shoe your feet with preparedness
to spread the message of peace that comes from the angels.
In all your deeds continually hold
to your hearts’ vision of Christ’s presence,
with which you can quench all the flaming darts of the evil one,
Take into your thoughts the certainty of the coming world-healing,
that it protect you as with a helmet,
and grasp the sword of the Spirit
which is the word of God which you utter.

May this armour cover you in all your supplications and prayers, may your inmost heart light up in spirit in your prayers. To this end direct your spirit-strength in all your efforts of soul and in your intercessions for all who would know Christ’s healing power.

(Ephesians 6:10-18)

I was advised to study these verses from the Bible by Michael Merle. He helped me with how to find the comparable sources in Steiner’s Spiritual Science to rewrite the parts I struggled with in Anthroposophical language. Please find my attempt below. (This is still in progress, but I consider it to be too important not to share, even at this early stage of my understanding. I would love others to join in the struggle of enlivening this quest with greater Consciousness than I can muster alone).

Let the INTENSE strength of God flow through those who want to serve. Put on the full Armour of God to resist the well-aimed attacks of the adversary.

Do not fight against powers of flesh and blood [which are things of the distant past – coming from OLD SATURN], but:

  1. against Spirit beings – mighty in the STREAM OF TIME (refers to the Azuras)
  • against Spirit beings – powerful in the moulding of earth’s substance (Ahriman)
  • against the Cosmic powers – whose darkness rules the PRESENT time (Sorath/Earth Beast)
  • against the powers of evil in the spiritual worlds (all four of the beasts – Ahriman, Lucifer, the Azuras and the Earth Beast,)

Take up the ARMOUR OF GOD with courage, so you can resist the EVIL on the day when it comes with it’s greatest strength.

Stand firm, following everything through to the very end.

2. Stand fast, girded about the loins ( the part of your body that our DRIVES come from) with TRUTHThis is the middle digestive realm of WILL, where we act without consciousness, because consciousness cannot live there yet.

  • Use the breastplate of the HIGHER life [ our ASTRAL body is being transformed into SPIRIT SELF], which fulfills our human destiny.    This is the heart, the realm of FEELING.
  • Protect your feet with PREPAREDNESS to spread the message of PEACE [human harmony & community] that comes from the Angels.      This is in the realm of WILL, coupled to both FEELING and THINKING.

3.1       Look at the most basic aspect of human interaction, which we must be prepared to overcome:

            3.1.1    to Steal from another person
            3.1.2    to Kill another person
            3.1.3    to Violate another person
            3.1.4    to Eat another person

3.2       The four deadly sins, which we must be prepared to overcome:

            3.2.1    Avarice/ greed
            3.2.2    Envy
            3.2.3    Lust

            3.2.4    Gluttony

3.3       Dispositions of man, which we must be prepared to overcome:

            3.3.1    Pride
            3.3.2    Anger
            3.3.3    Sloth

My very earnest question:

Where does FEAR fit in?? These very low [animal] forms of behaviour are almost too low a form of action to be conscious. Does fear act at this low level? If it does it will be almost instinctual!

  • In all your DEEDS continually hold your HEART’S vision of Christ’s presence, to overcome the attacks of the evil one.      From the realm of FEELING enter your WILL.
  • THINK about the coming of WORLD HEALING, for helmet PROTECTION, and use the weapon of SPIRIT to speak the WORD of God.    This is the flow of heart into the realm of THINKING.
  • May the above armour protect all your prayers. May your HEART essence drive your SPIRIT in your prayers.   Use HEART THINKING, which is the highest form of Thinking and takes us into the future.
  • Direct your SPIRIT STRENGTH to your Soul’s efforts in intercessions for all to know Christ’s healing power. If you take God into your prayers, so that His STRENGTH is in HIS WORD.  Use your Spirit to drive your SOUL /HEART forces.

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