Thoughts on Christmas Eve

Some more thoughts on Christmas:

“What is it really that we should write in our hearts — the feeling that we may have on this Christmas night?

In this Christmas night there should pour into our hearts the fundamental human feeling of love – the fundamental feeling that says: compared with all other forces and powers and treasures of the world, the treasures and the power and the force of love are the greatest, the most intense, the most powerful. There should pour into our hearts, into our souls, the feeling that wisdom is a great thing – that love is still greater; that might is a great thing – that love is yet greater.

And this feeling of the power and force and strength of love should pour into our hearts so strongly that from this Christmas night something may overflow into all our feelings during the rest of the year, so that we may truthfully say at all times: we must really be ashamed, if in any hour of the year we do anything that cannot hold good when the spirit gazes into that night in which we would pour the all-power of love into our hearts. May it be possible for the days and the hours of the year to pass in such a way that we need not be ashamed of them in the light of the feeling that we would pour into our souls on Christmas night!”

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 143 – Thoughts on Christmas Eve – Berlin, 24th of December, 1912

With the power and force and strength of love, we wish you all a wonderful Christmas Season,
From The Committee of the Anthroposophical Society of Johannesburg

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