At this time before Christmas…

At this time before Christmas every man passes unconsciously through his sheaths to his higher ego and if he, as a pupil of anthroposophically orientated spiritual science, is able to bring to this a corresponding inner development, it is then possible for him to attain, at Christmas, a “conscious experience of the birth of the higher self in his soul.”

Then the festival of Christmas becomes for him a real inner experience – “the birth of the higher ego out of the mother substance of wisdom” that has been acquired by the soul on the path of inner development.

This path of knowledge can, at Christmas, result, in a very real way before the soul, in the following imagination ……..

“The Virgin Mother, filled with the deepest wisdom, heavenly purity and mildness, with the Child, radiant with spirit-knowledge, in her arms.”

This Mary is none other than the earthly reflection of the heavenly divine being of Isis-Sophia, while the Child in her arms – the Jesus of the Nathan House of David – is the Nathan Soul; the heavenly archetype of man – true Anthropos in his paradisaical unfallen state.

Anthropos – the living soul from the world’s beginning – in the arms of mother Sophia – is the great Christmas imagination of Anthropos-Sophia.

It is the picture of the new being born from the substance of Wisdom, the heavenly Sophia. He is the true Anthropos, who is destined to receive into himself the Spirit Sun of Christ. Christmas is the true festival of Anthroposophy.

From – Sergei O. Prokofieff

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