Today’s needed Consciousness – Discussion Group

Written by Ian Dunnett – June 2023
for “Today’s needed Consciousness” discussions.

I have started a study /discussion group called Today’s needed Consciousness , which currently happens on the second Wednesday of the month in the evening, or third Wednesday of the month in the afternoon.

The focus of this group is to see our daily world through the lens of Consciousness.

In our meeting last month, I was asked to define consciousness. Excellent starting point! The word the person seemed to be most comfortable with is AWARENESS, which is certainly part of what Consciousness contains. Everything Steiner brought us is about raising our consciousness. The tool we have to do this is Thinking. He asked us to look at everything with an unprejudiced observation of the facts.

It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to be unprejudiced.

Facts in the age which we live are VERY elusive. Courtesy of the internet and media we are drowning in opinions. Those with the most power and money want us to follow /buy into their narrative. There are many (who I shall call Civil Society) have a very different alternative view. Somehow a huge divide (full of hate – yes HATE – how is this possible???) has built up between these two views?

So how do we achieve an unprejudiced observation of the facts?? With a great deal of perseverance – also we ideally need 12 world views!!

One of the terrible things that has happened in the last number of years, is that the leaders of our world have started telling HUGE LIES, strongly and repeatedly. Civil society is still in it’s infancy, and does not understand that the biggest opportunity it has of being relevant is to counteract the lies and deceit of the main narrative with TRUTH, INTEGRITY, CARING, COURAGE, BASED ON CONSCIOUSNESS! So we all live in a tumultuous time where lies and misinformation from both sides of every contentious point, are overwhelming us, with very little goodwill and debate, with main stream trying to hide and civil society struggling to get to the facts!!!

In addition to the lies and deceit there has been a great deal of evil unleashed in the world. The cornerstone reality, is that evil cannot stand up to TRUTH, INTEGRITY, CARING, COURAGE, BASED ON CONSCIOUSNESS, which Christianity has been teaching us for 2000 years. Our difficulty is that we have not been applying CONSCIOUSNESS to these teachings!! This group is an attempt to look to Spiritual science to give us the guidance to raise our Consciousness to these challenges, that we all face in today’s world.

To join the group, please contact Ian Dunnett at 083 377 7374. There is a whatsapp group Today’s needed Consciousness, that we will happily add you to.

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