Translating the Foundation Stone Verse

Since Steiner initially shared the Foundation Stone verse in the Christmas Conference in 1923, and what he then wrote down, there have been many translations of the verse. 

We explore in this fourth session of the Anthroposophical Society in Southern Africa’s Annual Conference (held on 27th June 2022), why it is important to look at the different translations, and how that helps us to understand the meaning Steiner intended.

Michaël Merle shares his translation of the Foundation Stone verse, and specific aspects of his version that are useful to note.

He also touches on meditation and how it is understood from the Anthroposophical perspective, and can be used with the Foundation Stone verse.

>>You can download a PDF copy of Michaël’s translation of the verse, for easy printing, by clicking here.

Replay here:

About Michaël Merle

For twenty-one years he was involved in Waldorf Education as a high school teacher, teacher trainer and training coordinator. Now Michaël is a priest in The Christian Community, Movement for Religious Renewal.

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