What might Spirituality be?

We had a fantastic turnout at our year end event with Paul John Myburgh, and many were asking for more information.

You can find out more about Paul on his website: PaulJohnMyburgh.co.za

You can find a series of short clips, entitled “Conversation wisdom from Paul Myburgh” on this YouTube account here.

And here are some podcasts with Paul, on Telana’s podcast show, asking: what might spirituality be?

We explore the realm of spirituality and knowing oneself with Paul John Myburgh, who lived for seven years with the !Gwi Kalahari Bushmen, becoming an integral part of this ancient African culture. What spiritual wisdom comes out of relationships like these?

  • In Part 1 Paul shares about spirit, soul, consciousness and how important relationships are.
  • In Part 2 we go more in depth and look at how to practically live this spiritual wisdom.
Part 1 : What might spirituality be?
Part 2 : What might spirituality be?

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